Caroline Ball


We did senior pictures for Caroline Ball. Wow, are they cute!

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Mario Booker


We did some really cool new pictures for Mario Booker. He continues his singing and has added acting to his porfolio. Mario is a great guy!

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MC Zimmerman Senior Pictures


We did senior pictures for MC Zimmerman. MC is so pretty, another one of our Lakeside girls we love so much!

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Maddie Michael’s


Just one of many beautiful senior pictures of Maddie Michaels, I love this girl so much!

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Victoria Orr


Hey Everybody, check out Victoria’s senior pictures, They are so pretty.

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Grace and Rachel Senior Pictures


Hey Everybody, we did senior pictures for Gracie and Rachel. Boy oh boy do we love these girls!

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Karah Koellner’s Bridal Portraits


Karah Koellner came by the studio and we did her bridal portraits. Look at the cute little shoes she is going to wear to the reception, The wedding is 29 days away at St. Paul’s and the reception will be at the River Room, We are so excited for them!! It is going to be amazing!

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We love Lucy!


So on Saturday I got a call from Laura and Michael McDonough. Michael is stationed out at Fort Gordon, they just moved here. They called me looking for a photographer.  There dog Lucy is really sick. Cancer has come back. This breaks my heart so. I remember the pain we went thru with my dog Romeo when he passed away. I think I grieved for two years. We made it over to their house, and photographed their family. All the dogs seemed to understand that we needed this photo and we were able to get a really good picture of their family. Prayers for Lucy if you have them, she is such a good dog.

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Cutno Dance Studio

ballet _black _outfit _girls9994

If you need to view photos from Cutno dance studio, go to the online store, We have four different days of photos, day one, day two, day three and day four, Call me if you have any questions, Sally 706.513.7290

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Rebecca Lacey


Thanks Rebecca! I love that you choose my company for your newest headshot. Good luck with your new job at Suntrust, Sally

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