Untitled-1One moment your child is born, and in the blink of an eye, he/she is graduating from high school. So, I’m often asked.. “When should you photograph your children?” My response is “Every day, and as often as possible!”   Here’s a suggested guideline: In the first year, you should have photos taken at least every three months. Don’t forget to include the first birthday (complete with cake), and the first time you child starts to walk.  Every stage of your child’s life is so beautiful.  How about when your child forgets to comb his/her hair or just does something funny to make you laugh? I’m confident that you will find my prices to be very affordable. We can photograph in the studio or at the park. What is important,  is that we begin to photograph your child now!  Let us capture these moments in pictures so you can remember these expressions and feelings for a lifetime. Take the first step and give me a call! You won’t regret saving these special moments with beautiful photographs!

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