Every couple has a story…. where they met, how they fell in love, and the how, when and where of the proposal. The stories are so different , yet each one is so beautiful. I take great pride in making your engagement session as unique as possible. I often begin with questions so I know more about you by asking the following…Where was your first date? What do you do as a couple that makes you happy? How do you spend your time together?….. Getting to know you as a couple helps me to tell your story in pictures.

I always start the engagement session off with studio lighting, and I take special care to provide you with the best possible picture for your newspaper announcement.  After that, you do the rest, and I just follow. Perhaps we’ll go for a walk in the park, run through a field, laugh as you give your fiance a piggy back ride, or just make a silly heart. Some couples  just like to sit on a park bench and talk. Time will fly as I capture YOUR story, and each and every moment of your engagement so you can always remember this special time in the beginning of your new life together!

Augusta Photographer-Sally Kolar

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